6 Week Challenge-New Year, New You!

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6 Week Challenge-New Year, New You!
The big day is almost here and if you're like anyone else I know, you are already looking past Tuesday and into your new year. What are you goals? Where in your life do you need to make a change? Health? Finances? Relationships?
1. A 6 week online program called New Year, New You, 6 Week Challenge. Check it out here: www.22s.com/freedomfitlife
2. I love to get maximum results on my goals and always include supplements to fill those nutritional gaps. Check out the details below on how I plan to do that and focus on that $25,000 pay out.
Do you want to MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS & WIN $25,000⁉️💰💰💰💰💰
Incorporate these products in for the first 28 days of the 6 weeks to kick start your metabolism and get rid of all those holiday goodies🤷🏼‍♀️.🌲🍪🍷
🤩If you want in on the 28 days of the same supps, there’s FREE shipping on them RIGHT NOW & I will show you how to get 20% off 😘👊🏻👌🏼
Here are the products our medical team put together in a bundle after peeps saw insane results the last 8 months of the trial period.
📌Bio Charge: BCAA’s support lean muscle mass (more lean MM you have, lower % of body fat )
📌SLIM PACKETS: appetite control & energy...has green coffee extract, Garcinia cambogia fruit extract, taurine, caffeine and also contains chromium, an essential nutrient involved in the metabolism of fat and storage of carbohydrates👊🏻
📌MNS 3 (daily vitamin packs) : in my opinion the most comprehensive metabolic nutrition system. Helps with appetite control and enhanced energy, and then you get in your core nutrition/vitamins with Coreplex®, CardioQ, Calcium Plus and OmegaPlex®.
📌Advo Greens Meal Replacement Shakes: I get these i just like plant based shakes better, these have 24-grams of of brown rice, pea and flax protein & a 1:1 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio. I swop out one meal a day with a shake, helps me stay lean & provides sustained energy.
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go here or pm me I’ll help ya (I’ll show ya how to use them) 👊🏻